Words !!

“Words ” My words his words , their Words forms a Poetry.. A little effort ,started as a game ended into a beautiful Poem .

We as a Family @”Bloggers Junction” tried to write poem on ” Words” . 

The members and my friends gifted me their words , and also gave me the proud opportunity to post it on my blog . 

” Word ” Sound same to everyone but means different to all .. Everyone wrote on the same topic, astonishingly none was same , this experience and experiment from different poets , at one platform . 

I am sharing it with you all . 

As err is human , and Human is err and so am I so any mistakes from my side in compling or posting kindly forgive 🙂 .

Words !! 

We hear them through our ears 

They touch our heart 

Hear them from ears , and 

They touch our soul .. “Anuj”

Words !!

Are which she’s writing a story 

Arranging the sentences 

Setting few probes 

Adding few Words ..”Nikita”

Words !!
Which are small yet meaning big

Big yet meaning small

Which heal all wounds 

And soothen our Mind .. “Anuj”

Words !!

Which wants to say a lot,

Wants to scream out loud ,

They rest in her mounting her eyes,

Rolled down her cheeks 

turned into wails and cries.    “Ishika”

Words !!

The Poetry runs through 

her Heart,

He didn’t feel it though..

For him ..

Its just words .. “Nikita “

Words !!

Words can never be enough to 

Define the kindness in her heart ,

The depth in her thoughts ,

Or the magic in her eyes..”Vicky”

Words !!

She dares to speak the World 

She cares to express to him 

She shares in loving everyone 

But no one care for the word,

she existed on … Nivedita 

“Words “here we conclude :

Words :

Words can never be enough

to define the beauty of her heart ..vicky 

Words :

 are only “Myth”..Nivedita 

Words :

without them 

reality would be so different! 


Words :

Mending all those worn out

Pieces of the soul .. “Anuj “

Words :

Dancing in her thoughts 

Yet silently then Hollowing her 


Words :

slowly killed her 

By only ” Words” … “Nikita “

*Suggestions and criticism welcome. 

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37 thoughts on “Words !!

  1. Thank you so much for the follow on my blog. 🙂 You have an interesting blog. Will go through your posts soon 🙂 take care. And I really liked this post on words. It’s well expressed ! 🙂

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