Abode of Clouds 

“Meghalaya ” Name itself defines “मेघों का आलय” “Abode of Clouds , Shillong the Capital of Meghalaya and the Fashion Capital of India, is also known as the Scotland of East. Mother Nature is at its peak at Shillong , When we walk in the mist it feels like you are in heaven. Beautiful Shillong beautiful clouds and Mother Nature blessing Man kind . 

Clouds and clouds ..
My thoughts like them 

All over my mind , 

Like the  clouds In the sky 

My dreams in them 

Crafting the shapes 

Like the clouds in the sky

My courage and strength   

Has no limits and no end 

Like the clouds in the sky

My love for you 

showering and pouring 

Like the clouds in the sky

My little heart 

Soft with silver line 

Like the clouds up in the sky .. “Nivedita”

#photographs #nature#emotions

47 thoughts on “Abode of Clouds 

  1. Your poetry with nature’s photographs proves that you are creative head to toe. An Artist. Sensitive. Expressive . Nature Lover. Innocent. Poetess. Philosopher. Thinker. Caring. Down to earth. A believer. and this list goes…

    Keep sharing . Keep writing.

    Very much needed to restless world.

    Is not true , when we are here now , we love the present moment. We write. We attain happiness easy and start sharing what we have in abundance.

    Love being at your blog.

    Happy blogging. Have great time.

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    1. Oh My God , first of all I am just speechless trying to find few words atleast to thank you dil se ..
      भावों के भँवर में शब्द खो गए हैं , आपके शब्दों के भाव शिरोधार्य हैं , बस मेरे ही भाव शब्दों के अभाव में अव्यक्त रह गए हैं । .. आपका बहुत बहुत आभार ज्योत्सना की प्रोत्साहना करने व सुन्दर शब्दों से उन्हें व्यक्त करने की । मैं तो बस अपने भावों को व्यक्त कर देती हूँ , यह तो आप और आप जैसे मित्रों की प्रशंसा ख़ासकर @extinct0703.wordpress.com की रीब्लॉगिंग का अल है जो लोगों तक कृतियाँ पहुँची और प्रशंसा की पात्र मुझे बना दिया । ख़ूब ख़ूब आभार

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      1. प्रयास करते रहिए, आप अच्छा लिखते है । धन्यवाद की आवश्कता नहीं , एक हाथ दूसरे हाथ को कभी धन्यवाद नहीं देता ।

        We are one consciousness, manifested in different human bodies.

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  2. Sorry I neglected to say my initial thoughts. Yes this is a lovely post. Remarkable photographs. And how, when did you first arrive at the idea to compile them for this post? It amazes me, the forethought. How does one hit upon an idea like this? I know you think I pull your leg, no, I’ve seen other photog posts like this and they (yours) clearly show some kind of a creative process, perhaps I inquire too much……huh

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    1. I appreciate and always die to here the words of appreciation from you because you never lie and never give fake opinion so when you appreciate my work I am always on the ninth cloud .. 🙂 🙂 thank you for making the day .. Ofcourse your side as no day here 🙂 🙂

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  3. There is a beautiful old Spanish Song; I think the name is Echame a mi la culpa, which means Insist that I receive the blame.
    It is a guy telling a woman, that should any one come around inquiring what took place that they are not together, he tells her to insist that he was the bad guy. In this case truth be told she was never happy with him. The relevance of your post with clouds is that; At the end he uses these words…..
    And over there in the world to come, it should be that “otra nube de tu memoria me borre a mi”
    translation; That another cloud of your memory should erase me.
    In essence the clouds are compared to erasers, and a faulty memory.
    We have such beautiful lyrics in songs, how else do you suppose this fool came about.

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    1. Everytime you compliment angel u teach me something new , I am so glad to have you on my blog please keep motivating and guiding the same way to me . I wish I had one of those clouds i could erase .. 🙂 thank you thank you for the words Nd prayers .

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