Kids and me 

To Start with you , my little kuhu :*
My life line and my soul ,

I want you happy forever to be …

Then came kanhu , my lifeline 

I forgot all sorrows , felt so happy 

He kept me busy, just like a bee ..

Now it was you my angel ,my “Vidushi ”

Twinkle of my eyes and my smoothie 

Thank you  God for blessing them 

To me ..

A kid in me , and kid and me 
I am happy surrounded by them 
As many and whosoever , let it be

shyama , uddhav and vidur 
Kanhu and vidushi and Daiwik

my , nephews and my nieces ,my kids 

My evenings ends with them 


thier morning starts with me .. 

With a child , & as a child in me 

I am happy to surround them

and they surrounded by me 

As many and who soever’s ,

let it be ..

Dear lil turtles or my lil duckies

Naughty little Sheru 

Or my lil kitty , or whosoever

Let it be .. 🙂 

Or my butterfly i call it  “wonder bee ”

My lil piegon my wonderful kids .. 

Kids are my life , and Lives a kid in me .. 

58 thoughts on “Kids and me 

  1. We can see that You have a BBIIIIIGG heart, my Dear Nivedita! The Real Heart of a Real Mother! Am Delighted. May You Always be Surrounded by Your Children, as they are surrounded by Your Love. 🙂

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  2. This is the awesomest thing keeping me awake at the moment.
    I love the kids, animals and the bird. 😛 Just read the post about the bird and its family, and now this.
    i am awestruck. It must be entertainment at home with such a huge family. You have a zoo of your own.
    Wonderful to see you too. You look beautiful and the company makes you all the more adorable. 🙂

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    1. Thank you sonu , no all are not at home but part of my life in my every day schedules , ducks i feed at lake they wait for me everymorning, kitty now gone someone abandoned and left outside our home , helpd her in growing , one day she left , my parakot my companion stayed with me for
      Six yrs than when it learned to fly nicely i
      Let it go , and thats how
      They are associated with me .. 🙂

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    1. Thanku Raman .. Blessed to have u all around .. Am so glad to read the compliment from you .. Tussi toh bestho ji … Oh no ji .. Janhit mei jari notice parha meine … Lol

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      1. Welcome Dear, Sach me do din me app se bahut kuch sikha hai… app jo apni feelings ko likhte ho wo badia lgta hai mujhe… ese hi likhe raho… vaise wo janhit nhi apka hit tha… hahahahahaha…


        1. Thanks once again Raman .. And sabke hit ke liye u and bunny keep yourself always like this .. Joyous and notorious.. Keep cooking I mean eating Mr. Foodie .. 🙂 cooking laughter and eating happiness ..

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