Love is unfathomable .. It is deeper than the abyss .. True it is and when the love is between a child and a mother it is sacred and Divine to the bliss .. 

Mother’s love is indebted , few months ago, I shared a same bonding with a mother to be , A bond of trust , love and care .. She looked in my eyes like wanted to say please take care of them and see no one hurts, as I am going away to bring some twigs for my nest , to keep them warm, warmth of motherhood . We will be a family soon.

I too knodded my head and permitted her with love , 

She is ?

” Nivedita ” I named her and call her with the same ,and she responds back . As if ,she says yes! I am , I am you living another life, bringing your desires of motherhood in me .. 

You all must be wondering , what am I talking about and who is she? She,  is an Indian Piegon who layed two eggs in my gallery, with a bond of trust and safety with me, in me… 

With the warmth and love ,she hatched them, and  by  Gods grace 🙏! two little wonders breathed in our home in a few days .. 

She never left them alone any more , Mine and my daughter’s sole attention was to supply food and water to help her to survive in the peak of heat .

We were blessed with two little wonders whom I named “Ani “- “ket ”

Together I call them “Aniket”

They were so small and ugly too.. In the beginning , but to their mom? They were the most beautiful creation in the World ..  And yes for us too .. I was living my motherhood again everyday gazing at them how they look now? 

Kuhu (my daughter) never stayed inside ,even when it was                 47 degrees outside ,Sun was burning , but she was busy adjusting the sheets to cover them, from the crows and the heat.

My !My! They are growing beautiful day by day , and the mother all time sitting on them, giving them warmth. When I go to greet them the younger one pops its head out, in a reply saying  You missed me mom ! And greet back .. 

Days are passing its a month now.They are growing beautiful, 

Grace of God , here We fail to understand What is art ? What we paint or what he creates? They are wonderful.. Soothing my eyes with joy , and inner peace. 

A child is a child .. No matter whose it is .. 

Now they are transforming to grey – from yellow, my Ani -Ket are growing faster, in the shed of love care from all of us . Nivedita now leaves them for us, to have a glance of her kids. As if she says I am coming , look after them. 

They are now Big , next to grown ups ,running here and there , and hid themselves when hear us coming , mom is out to bring food for them to feed.

They are now ready for their flight , the first flight , knowing the World exploring New World , For them ,”Sky is the limit” . 

Ani ,today rode my back as he can fly now , Ket hugged me as he still need some time . 

I lived the moments of happiness with them surrounding me, filling me with joy .. 

The First flight…. I Wish them a beautiful World beyond my reach , I will see them in every other piegon , waiting for them to come again and hatch their eggs with thier foster mom … 🙂 

In a day or two they will be gone …nesting their Own world .. I am happy for them, and greatful to the mother for obliging us with this pleasure. Two months of journey comes to an end with the begining of their new journey … “Nivedita”

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66 thoughts on “Motherhood 

  1. Sihar Utha, my Dear Nive!

    The Pigeon Nivedita and Ani-Ket have been Lucky to have You and Your Sweet Daughter! Such Trust from Birds is Not Easy to Achieve.

    I find Your words: ‘Grace of God , here We fail to understand What is art ? What we paint or what he creates?’ Wonderful.

    You have done a Very Great job in photographing them through their growth. It is Very nice to see.

    Thanks, Love, Kudos and Blessings. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am speechless by your words of appreciation. You are very kind and generous thats why this small act of mine seems so great to you . It is God’a grace and my good luck to have blessings from all my elders and Friends. Rdgards 🙏

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Men lift Big weights. Fathers do a lot. But Mothers, life the Life Breath, are Always there, present at Every moment, doing SO many things, though small, that, added up, they become like the Stars in the Sky!

        That is Why Mothers are Loved First, my Dear Nivedita! 🙂


  2. Love between a child and a mother. What a topic you chose to write about.
    And the timeline of pictures with the pigeon, just great. Lovely pictures, beautifully knitted words and thoughts. An entertaining post good enough to give your thought some ‘wings’.
    Good job, Nivedita 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. A great use of the camera and sharing. A documentation of emotions, of wonder, of bonding. How smart. How patient. A mother and child chronicaling a mother and children. Kuhu learned a lot from this lovely experience. Who knows what tomorrow will bring now, nevertheless, you will have the experience in your hearts. You are amazing.

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      1. I see the significance; “This story is you”
        The readers all thank you for giving us a glimpse of you. Generous, especially as your daughter is conjoined to this remarkable telling.

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  4. Take a bow 🙏
    A story with full of emotions, yes motherhood is a blessing, and only a mother could understand that,
    you did, and how brilliantly.
    Certainly one of the best of yours.
    And I can imagine the pain, when they will leave you, I’m sure it would be really hard for you to forget.
    Great job 👍


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