Following you 

Walking on the lonely lanes,

Following the footsteps i came,

My heart cries in vain ,knowing

It is yours , crossing the planes .

#Highway@Guwahati i#Nivedita

I walked and walked ,rain inked

Tears rolled crying heart and mind

Still following the washed steps ,

You can be harsh, but God is kind..

Shillong lake in the morning #Nivedita

I searched around the trees

In the woods, asked the bees,

In the clouds where Sun rests..

Whatever Could I , did my best .

#Orchids @ Shillong#photo#Nivedita

It rained and rained, I was lost

In your dreams , in the mist ..

No matter how hard I will try,

with a smile

No fight no hue and cry,

Someday you will be mine .. “Nivedita”

#eco park Sohra #photo #Nivedita

29 thoughts on “Following you 

  1. Sorry was bit occupied so didn’t read this before. What a gem you’re, serving us with so beautiful pearls. Such wonderful works of yours, I feel should never end, must be an ongoing process. Magnificent work.

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  2. There is pain.
    There is liberation through the rain.
    In love, everything you gain, your hopes shall not go in vain…..
    Let your soul unchain…..
    Beautiful post with beautiful pictures to connect to the story play.
    Emotions blended well. 🙂
    Good job!!


  3. How lovely. Wonderful imaginings. How sweet is the hope expressed. The quest. You are so romantic, so creative. I envy the subject of such poetry. Thank you for this post.

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    1. Thank You for the appreciation, this is a photo story to be concluded yet in the next part , the photographs are taken by me , and are part of my life very near to me . These pictures are taken at the North Eastern states of India , Assam and Meghalaya, part of the seven sisters .. Yet more to come many emotions, expressions and pictures stating the importance of the moments .

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