Kal tak meri adatein pasand thi, 
Aaj unhi se sari pareshaniyan hai tumhe .

Laton mein uljhi ungliyon ko suljhatei na thakte thei kabhi , 

aaj latein hi uljhanei hein un ungliyon ke liye … “Nivedita”

कल तक मेरी आदतें पसंद थी , आज उनसे ही सारी परेशानियाँ  हैं तुम्हें ..

जिन लटों में उलझी उँगलियों को सुलझाते न थकते थे कभी 

आज वो लटें ही उलझनें हैं उन उँगलियों के लिए ।.. “निवेदिता”

40 thoughts on “उलझनें

      1. My pleasure to appreciate you for your work and as person as well.

        Thanks for giving me opportunity to feel good after appreciating you.


    1. Mani please see my post “following you” as i have written a photo story as you
      Wanted me to write something on Shillong 🙂 though a lot more to come journey to Shillong has begin just now once again .. 🙂

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  1. It usually happens that monotony takes over in relationships. And when relationships become that way, everything that the other hand loved turns blue. Sad story of relationships.
    There are things, however that we could do to avoid this.
    Nice one , girl. 🙂 A painful thought though

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