I am

I am a giver , born to give 

I am a loner , surrounded by hundreds 

I am a thinker , keep on thinking 

I am a lover , a silent lover 

I am a friend, when in need 

I am a student, learning to love

I am a seeker , seeking love 

I am what I am, I want ? 

I want to be … 

I want nothing , just to say 

I want love .. But not money

I want money , just to survive 

I want you , but not any ..

I want love, but only yours ..

I have enough , I want to give ..

I am a giver , who loves to recieve .

I am a giver , who want nothing 

I am ,who I am , I want ?

Nothing to be .. Nivedita 

22 thoughts on “I am

  1. Just keeps getting better and better. Don’t stop, keep on keeping on. Such power. A force to be accounted. One day perhaps you will enjoy a wider audience. God help you, and keep you.

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