Glow of hope 

With a deep breath , tears rolling down her cheeks, crying for her shattered dreams, Dreams she had for all her life,Dreamt with the kholed eyes  today seems all smudged …

Knocking ,he came .. when she was broke,she opened her arms and welcomed his heart,  she started believing the true lies , comforting herself with his smiles ….

World changed , Rainbow of happiness all around .. Scared she she started living again , dying heart breathing again.. 

Fate played the dirty game .. Once again .. 
She started questioning to herself yet not loosing her spirit and faith .., who was she to him ? Or now who is she ?

 She asked herself again and again .. 
Who I am ? What I am ? I am , I want to be ,

 Or say , I am what I am … 

I am an escapist .. 

Escaping  the truth .. 

I am a learner , learning the myths .. 

I am a dreamer ,dreaming beneath …

dreaming long day all night .. 

Am I Good ? Good for nothing ,.. 

I am a Breeze of Sighs !!

Tired of trying mystical tries 

Iam a needy in need of love ,

I am greedy, in greed of you..

I am beautiful , just a myth…

I am a cheater cheating on myself .. 

I am who I am .. 

I am a ball of hope, in your goal , 

A line of words , as a whole ..

A call on hold , story untold

I am A Failure, trying to succeed , 
fake success growing old ,

The darkness in Life under the lamp,

Walking at night on the lonely slope

holding the lamp faith and hope 

Hoping to light the Silent eyes luring faith .. 

I am the fall from untied rope …

I am the Face of Pain ,

with the glow of Hope …. “Nivedita”

53 thoughts on “Glow of hope 

  1. I loved how beautifully you described the situation, how she questioned and doubted herself, how she was so suppressed under her overpowering state of mind that she underestimated herself all the time, you described it perfectly.
    But at the end, she also has a hope, I loved the ending! Completely magical! 😃😃❤

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      1. Hehe, yeah actually I didn’t want to say that, I felt a bit connected to that girl, lost, negative, hopeless, and unsure, but I’d love to be that positive girl she became finally! 😊😊😊✌

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  2. Well it is good work. I saw a lot of potential in you from some of the quizzicle stuff, thought provoking which you used to deposit and run in the beginning. I feel, perhaps mistakenly that this shows a better deal of you than those prod droppings you would provide back then. But I could be wrong, perhaps it was there all along, I just did not know it. Well this piece is so wise, so honest, so inclusive. I don’t believe any questing heart would find this piece without self search, questioning of their product in life and love.


        1. I am about to read as my internet was also like me coming and going 🙂 my next step is to read your posts and tuck myself in bed .. 🙂 thankyou for the smokey support .. 🙂 you guide me like a real critic and always in wait for your review.. You were the first one to comment on my posts and i always cherish your support. 🙂

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          1. You know, I apologize for all the folk who should have commented on your posts and didn’t. But look, today you have a bigger following than I and more comments


  3. दर्द की व्यथा, सक्षम होने के बावजूद असहाय होने की व्यथा, सामाजिक कुंठाओं की सीमा ना लाँघ पाने की व्यथा, अपने आप की ख़ुद से होती सहज सी लड़ाई की व्यथा, ख़ुद को मारकर औरों को समर्पित करने की व्यथा का इस से बेहतर विवरण मैंने आज तक नहीं पढ़ा। अति उत्तम रचना के साथ प्रस्तुत चित्र एक अजब सा समा बाँधते हुए चलचित्र का अहसास दिलाते हैं, मानो सब सामने वास्तव में हो।
    बेहतरीन ज्योत्सना। अंग्रेज़ी के शब्द हासिल नहीं थे आज सो हिन्दी में लिख दिया।

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                  1. Hahaha hope you’re not having laugh pangs today also recollecting the ‘Asahniya’ 😉
                    Nope I do not know to write or read Urdu, people I interact with are masters of Urdu so I pick up a couplet or two from what they use.

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  4. This is beautiful.
    You have written everything that a human being can nearly be in his lifetime.
    Short and poetic. Complete and meaningful. Quick and crisp. I perceive it as a soliloquy with your own self. I also see another angle as a monologue with another. Loved the way you have rhymed it to a flow.
    Amazing thought. These are roughly the dilemmas I go through when I sit aloof. Good Job !!

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