लालच गर परिंदे होते तो उड़ जाते पिंजरे तोड़,

आकाश कहाँ अथाह होता बस होते चारों ओर’,:

गिद्ध और चीलों की छीना झपटी’ बोटियों के चोर,

हर बाघ में गीदड़ बेठा होता और कौवा होता मोर;

आज भी कुछ ऐसा ही तो बना हुआ माहौल,

चोर भी रजा भये और रजा भये हैं चोर,

जंगल के जंगल भसम ,उनपे किन्नरी करती किलोल:

लाहशों के ढेरों पे बेठे तोड़े रोटी की कोर ;

जाने किन हैवानों के हाथ लगी इंसानियत की डोर,

हार हमने मानी नहीं चले ढूँढने तोड़,

कुछ भी समझे नहीं बस निकला एक ही निचोड़,

की आशा एक रामजी से दूजी आशा छोड़ ;….Nivedita

29 thoughts on “लालच 

    1. Thank you so much , I am very glad you like it , jab apne se kahin oonche kad ke lekhak se praise mile toh likhne ka haunsla badh jata hei . Thank you for reading and your support.

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        1. My sense of humour is good no doubt in it , but what i said i mean it , i am quite and honest and selective and i really respect the way you write and knowing a man with so many qualities and command over both the languages is wonderful and I dilse mean it .

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      1. Oh. Spot on. I was just thinking about this today. How simple life was when there was nothing to fight for. Greed and the competition has changed the topography of the world itself.
        We fight for others more than we do for ouselves. Self conforming to the society 🙂

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        1. So true we are like the spider stuck in our own knitted web , but I don’t agree we fight for others fact is we fightbwith others thinking we are doing it for them . We are fighting with ourselves and our own vices . In Bhagwat Geeta Bhagwan Krishran said if we have Vivek we can win over everything but today accept It we are winning on all the other qualities.. ” Self Beauty, prosperity and wealth (sampatti), (ucch Gaadi) popularity , and (Avivekta ) impatience, which ultimately makes us selfish and greedy and make us proud..

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