Gifting is an Art

Nowadays the trend of gifting has changed , I have come from the past where we used to wish our near and dear ones with greeting cards on every special occasion , even on Diwali and New year ,but today the custom has changed, first  E-cards and than Whatsapp and Facebook followed by twitter and so on… , The tradition of Wishing in person vanished , today wishing with wishes has no sentiments . Forwarding the forwarded messages without any feelings or wishing on Facebook that too on reminders is the new tradition .

I personally, cannot do so. I mean if you just forward, it is  just a formality, Where is the feeling which the wishes or the Card should inherently carry? If a person is wishing you greetings the expressions should come from the heart .

A little effort ,a small gesture ,ACard self-made and expressions of a word of their own ,let it be a line or a few lines written helps to express the happiness, and  joy, to the receiver and satisfaction to the creator.

I agree that life has become very fast ,and in order to keep up with the pace, we tend to compromise a bit here and there, but where are we heading to with such a pace. A line should always be drawn as to where we need to compromise and where not and when it comes to the relationship, there’s nothing wrong in giving time and space because what ultimately matters is the joy, the happiness.

I feel we all should not leave such small customs and traditions of writing letters and sending cards , I have a small  treasure box where i still find the old letters of my friends and dear ones . Whenever I get time I open them and read , it is a joy in reading those childhood memories. A trunk full of an old collection with no new addition 😦 , I am glad I am still following the custom ,and my daughter is taking it forward .

I feel a small effort is always greater than materialism , I might be wrong, I leave it on my friends to give a thought on it . ‘Gifting is an art”, gift your near ones a smile a cheer to feel loved,love with your words ,your art or whatever you are good at …. “Nivedita”

Little Wonder

P.S.: #photo #Cards come from my little wonder “Rakshita ” .

38 thoughts on “Gifting is an Art

    1. Thank you 🙂 , Delighted by your visit to my blog . Kind of you of stopping by . I belive it is stressful only when burden otherwise a joy especially when we share attachment and emotional bonding .

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        1. :):) I am an Indian and originally a marwari (Rajasthan) ,same is with us ,we no less in showing off trust me ,but I believe in myself and they value . I belive in choosing something which is worth more than it value . 🙂

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  1. Yes …we are loosing the skills of crafting …using creativity to make gifts and cards such as this is so much more meaningful ….and recieving such a token …knowing that such effort went into it is surely the same …how lovely to share making and passing on these skills with your daughter …..beautiful:)

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  2. Little wonder Rakshita is a wonder indeed! Lovely work, your creative genes well passed on to her. Congrats to the duo 😊.
    In complete accordance with your views on personalized gifts/cards.

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  3. Quintessentially true. It reminds me of my birthdays when family and friends excited me with gifts and wishes. Now we need Facebook to remind us of our birthdays. Its one’s memories that those gifts hold.
    Technology has made us lazy in our own scaffolding while empowering us.
    I must say that this thought is beautiful and I am glad you treasure them.
    You have filled me with nostalgia- of painting self made cards to buying gifts for my best mate……. I always loved making my own cards and gifting it to people. A more personalized way of sharing emotions. I used to write poems for people and send them on birthdays.
    Some might still have it. Some forgotten and lost. The gist you gave me, though digital will always be treasured. Thanks again.
    Your write ups are never articles to me. Its you talking to me. I feel alive here.
    A bunch of gratitude :*

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  4. I agree with you completely. A personal touch always makes a gift wonderful and unique. Maybe we are in the age of social media, but I always feel great when someone sends me a gift in this way. A handmade card is more valuable to me than an expensive Archies’ one… 🙂

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