Womanhood !!? 

Woman is a feel, a celebration to life and  of Life , She is beauty , She is proud , She is Mother , She is Shine , She is Honour,  She is the Light in the  dark

तुम शक्तियों का साधन हो,

तुम स्त्रोत हो उद्गम का ,

खुशियों  का संसार भी हो ,

ममता की छांव हो तुम

सौंदर्य और कौमार्य भी

हो करुणा की गगरी से छलकता

ज्ञान और संस्कार का संगम

तम के अभीमान को चीरती

चंद्र की ज्योत्स्ना हो तुम

Tum shakityon ka sadhan ho

Tum hi strot ho Udgam ka

khushiyon ka sansar bhi ho

Mamata ki chanw ho tum

Saundarya aur Kaumarya bhi

ho karuna ki gagri se chalkta

gyan aur sanskar  ka sangam ,

Tam ke abhiman ko cheerti

Chandra ki jyotsna ho tum
she is not an object , niether is she a show piece nor  an accessory, which can be flaunted whenever you feel .

Sometimes I feel bad when we are objected as a beauty piece , placed to be displayed only . What to say even a cola bottle is being shaped into Women figure and I don’t understand what is the benefit of it .. But why blame only the World ? Even we are somewhere to be blamed , we also enjoy the praise, fame and money . Even for peanuts we are ready to shed our honour and clothes .. Let the advertisement be for ” panmasala ” a semi nude women is must as if only she is going to eat . This was not we , we as Indian and especially Hindu Granths always treated Women as Godess and Devis .. And India itself is a motherland . Somewhere in the Run to prove equality few of our so called Liberal society has forgotten the feel of womanhood . Respect for others and self respect vanished in todays World .

“Womanhood ” I dont know what does this mean ? In todays world I hear just the screams ”  respect for woman , respect  Motherhood , all visible  in the theories ..

We celebrate women’s day, Mothers Day , Daughters day .. but , in real  the values degraded to  .. ” O “, “ZERO “, Shunya , Shifar , . Our Mind is stuck somewhere hampering our thought process.

“vicharon ke kale badal hei. jo Chandra uday mein baadhit hei” ..

“विचारों के काले बदल हैं जो चन्द्र उदय में बाधित है “।..

It is time to change the thought process of our Society and every individual , I wish we regain the culture of respecting women and become an Idol for the World, as “Charity begins at home” I am teaching my Son to respect every woman like he does to me, I request all the mothers and parents to teach the same to thier kids and bring the change .



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    1. Thanks 🙏 a tonne 🙂


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