Sometimes !one word , one line or one expression keep lingering in one’s  mind , I am experiencing the same right now . Watched my favourite movie yesterday ,dwelled in the feel so badly , in fact, started thinking like I am the “one ” the only one ,and all he said in her praise was for me and to me :):) .

You would be eager to know what is ringing in my mind ?  And what I am talking about ? I am talking about one stanza , only one dialogue from the movie , the Bengali classic ” Apur Sonsar”. It is a wonderful encouraging movie,though on a sad note . Apur and his heroine are  worth watching hundreds of time.

Noble and generous “Apur ” smokes every night in bed and  in the meanwhile ,her wife the cute cuddly Sharmila Tagore with dark expressive eyes staring at him and all of a sudden he asks her ..

Tumar Chokhur motte Ki ?? …

And her polite naughty reply .. “KAJOL”

तुमार चोखूर मोत्ते की ? … ” काजोल ”

Inspired by her eyes , I tried to sketch the desirable eye with dark kajal line …:) 🙂

#random sketch #photo

46 thoughts on “Kajol 

    1. Hehe its just a five minute random scribble, sitting at office , so please don’t compare it with your hard work 🙂 . 🙂 my favourite subject is still life but I do sketch figures at times ..

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      1. Well, I liked it…confident strokes and it looks promising…guess you should do it more often…may be it is tough for me only…you are too humble for all the talent that you have in you…Just keep doing the good work…my wishes will be with you:-)

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        1. I am jack of all king of none ,You are much more talented than what I know , and modest ,I am so blessed to get the wishes from a new friend thanks a tonne and stay in touch .. 🙂

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            1. I am not this kind , lol but trying to adapt this blogging language .. Quite annoying at times but yet good to be polite .. So i say the same to you , thanks for the humility and the kind and generous words 🙂

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  1. ‘aami bangla boojhte paachi naa’ -this is the only line I learnt during my four year stay in west bengal (and one more -aami tumar shonge baddhutha korte chahi -which i could never use :P) .. still i could make out the words above.. havent seen the movie, but the description sounded well… good work with the drawing and capturing the moment with the words 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much Mani for reading and supporting with comment I am obliged:) I am an ameatuer artist , not perfectionist .. But it is quite motivating hearing a word from you. Thanks a lot dear once again . Your words means a lot to me 🙂

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    1. Khublei Shibun , Saru chun , moy bhal ,and Ramro chun , bhalo aami , I am good , ghanni khamma , tumi keno ?tame kem cho ? Tumi kemon ? Timi kosto cho ? Tumi kenekua ? Phew.. Thats all I know now you can reply in all the alien languages I donno .. Lol !! 🙂 you vanished after guessing I am Gujrati .. 🙂

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  2. Nivedita, Where have you been all these years? 😮 Such an adorable post. You started the post about a dialogue from the film you watched. I was swept away by the way you ended with a dialogue back from the actress.

    Now, I am dumbfounded by the sketch in the end. Beautiful sketch.
    The eye has life. It has the language of love in it, to suck someone away into another realm. Your eyes hold infinity, believe me. Else, how could you so beautifully add language to a sketch?
    I was unaware of your artistic abilities. You are a beautiful, talented woman.
    Good work, mate. ❤

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  3. I am totally confused, reading the description at time and adoring the so admirable sketch another time. You’re a born magician, words you pen sprinkle magic, lines you sketch spray magic. More than mesmerising I must say. People bow, I feel like kneeling on my knees to give a more humble respected bowing salute.

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