चाँद (मून)

Beauty of my moon is the same what i felt almost three years ago, when I see my moon I feel the same even today. The sacred beauty in him with no scars ,even the real moon can’t beat my virtual one. The moon of my dreams shine brighter, day by day year by year… Forever

ऐ चाँद ! तेरी चाँदनी को देखा,

पर ख़ैर मना चकोर ने,

मेरे चाँद को न देखा ..

उसकी आँखों की पुतलियाँ ,

तेरी गोलाई से ज़्यादा गोल है ,

करतब इतनी उन पुतलियों में इतनी,

की तेरी कलाओं में नहीं देखा …

कहानियाँ तेरे दाग़ की सुनी

पर चेहरा क्या देखना ,

मेरे चाँद के चरणों में भी किसिने ,

दाग़ नहीं देखा …

रूप इतना की तेरी ज्योत्सना का,

रंग भी फीका लगने लगे ,

पर घमंड और ग़ुरूर जो तुझमें है,

मेरे चाँद में किसी ने ना देखा ….

है निवेदन ! “निवेदिता ” का

आ देख ! और जान जो नूर मेरे चाँद में है,

वो तूने भी कभी ना देखा … “निवेदिता”

51 thoughts on “चाँद (मून)

      1. Yaar aap mera tuition le lo, wahi acha hai 😀 agar itni Hindi mujhe aati toh main toh Amitabh Bachan bann gaya hota 😛


  1. Beautifully penned. Bow !!
    There is an inclination I have towards soliloquy with nature. Used to write about it before. Its so happy to see you have done that with utmost love.
    The moon is a way to serendipity in the melancholy and silence of the dark skies. Your words have ceremoniously proclaimed its serene nature.
    To call it yours and to express your remorse at things you feel about the moon, awesome ! You have managed to send me into a trance of thoughts about my childhood days and memories of the moon. Back in school, before digital media helped me document my write ups, I remember writing about nature , especially the moon and its grace.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. From past two days I am trying to reply a thanks to you ,but everytime I open the blog ,I find no words to start with . I did this almost fifteen times since yesterday. What wonderful words wow !! Your support seems like some poetry. Any gal will fall in love with it and I mean it ,.. Thank God for blessing me freind like you all , so much appreciation for a small work like mine and what a vocabulary you use , it is like reading the classics , Literature .. :*:* I think i should write every day one line so that can read so many beautiful words that too personally for me .. Lucky me .. :*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ok, Nivedita, my dear…. I am flying. I can hardly feel the ground under my feet :* . I cannot ignore your humility and hence your greatness. I feel blessed to have a mate like you. I feel blessed to read things you write. Let me call it listening to the beats within, because your words have life.
        Not for the sake of comments 😛 , but would definitely love to read even if its a line, your style. I feel honored to be in your company and to be called a mate. Need no girl to fall in love when you have loved my words. I am emotional now 😦 Somebody soothe me 🙂 :*

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Hahaha , you short of words ??? :* m already on the ninth cloud .. 🙂 🙂 feeling like in ……… So much to say but can’t. Leaving my feelings unsaid for now .. :):) …….. you are flattering me and i am enjoying it ..

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