I am

I am a giver , born to give 

I am a loner , surrounded by hundreds 

I am a thinker , keep on thinking 

I am a lover , a silent lover 

I am a friend, when in need 

I am a student, learning to love

I am a seeker , seeking love 

I am what I am, I want ? 

I want to be … 

I want nothing , just to say 

I want love .. But not money

I want money , just to survive 

I want you , but not any ..

I want love, but only yours ..

I have enough , I want to give ..

I am a giver , who loves to recieve .

I am a giver , who want nothing 

I am ,who I am , I want ?

Nothing to be .. Nivedita 


A life as a child is like living with joy without any grudges and complaints. A happiness around you with innocence in smile and no expectations . They take you to bliss of happiness, soundness to the unsound mind, add the sweetness to the bitter Life.. They are the art of God gifted us to surround us with the ocean of love.. A living institution of Positivity .


End to begin 

A day ends to start a night and night begins to start a new day ..

A thoughtful thought on beginning to end ,and end to begin.. when ones love ends, others begins .. 

A true love is ..when his first name ends ,her firstname begins and her first name ends ,his lastname begins .. 

A true love  is where her thoughts ends ,his care begins and where his care ends ,her love begins..

A true love is where her needs suffices and his needs ends ,and when his needs suffices, their happiness begins .. 

A true love is .. A band of love,where his band binds  her in his  Life ,and her band binds him in hers .. 

Completes each other completely  as a whole… Nivedita”

Glow of hope 

With a deep breath , tears rolling down her cheeks, crying for her shattered dreams, Dreams she had for all her life,Dreamt with the kholed eyes  today seems all smudged …

Knocking ,he came .. when she was broke,she opened her arms and welcomed his heart,  she started believing the true lies , comforting herself with his smiles ….

World changed , Rainbow of happiness all around .. Scared she she started living again , dying heart breathing again.. 

Fate played the dirty game .. Once again .. 
She started questioning to herself yet not loosing her spirit and faith .., who was she to him ? Or now who is she ?

 She asked herself again and again .. 
Who I am ? What I am ? I am , I want to be ,

 Or say , I am what I am … 

I am an escapist .. 

Escaping  the truth .. 

I am a learner , learning the myths .. 

I am a dreamer ,dreaming beneath …

dreaming long day all night .. 

Am I Good ? Good for nothing ,.. 

I am a Breeze of Sighs !!

Tired of trying mystical tries 

Iam a needy in need of love ,

I am greedy, in greed of you..

I am beautiful , just a myth…

I am a cheater cheating on myself .. 

I am who I am .. 

I am a ball of hope, in your goal , 

A line of words , as a whole ..

A call on hold , story untold

I am A Failure, trying to succeed , 
fake success growing old ,

The darkness in Life under the lamp,

Walking at night on the lonely slope

holding the lamp faith and hope 

Hoping to light the Silent eyes luring faith .. 

I am the fall from untied rope …

I am the Face of Pain ,

with the glow of Hope …. “Nivedita”


लालच गर परिंदे होते तो उड़ जाते पिंजरे तोड़,

आकाश कहाँ अथाह होता बस होते चारों ओर’,:

गिद्ध और चीलों की छीना झपटी’ बोटियों के चोर,

हर बाघ में गीदड़ बेठा होता और कौवा होता मोर;

आज भी कुछ ऐसा ही तो बना हुआ माहौल,

चोर भी रजा भये और रजा भये हैं चोर,

जंगल के जंगल भसम ,उनपे किन्नरी करती किलोल:

लाहशों के ढेरों पे बेठे तोड़े रोटी की कोर ;

जाने किन हैवानों के हाथ लगी इंसानियत की डोर,

हार हमने मानी नहीं चले ढूँढने तोड़,

कुछ भी समझे नहीं बस निकला एक ही निचोड़,

की आशा एक रामजी से दूजी आशा छोड़ ;….Nivedita

The Smiley Thumb Award

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Hi, I have been nominated for Thumb Smile Award by @Sonu Somraj  , Though, a little late I am but it’s better to be late than never . You can enjoy reading his blog here, @Sonu Somraj made me smile with his comment and inspired me to write about  a beautiful curve which straightens other curves in Life “SMILE”.

Word Smile is versed in every Language with the same flow : A smile is a pure form of expression of joy , one should not hide away to express ones feeling special when it comes to blowing your heart with a hefty smile :).Life is measured by the moments we live, and the moments of laughter should count the most.I believe

I believe spreading smile is equivalent to spreading Love , we should pledge to give one smile at least unreasonably to a stranger and ease his tension for a minute .

I have many smile friends ,where we only share a connection of smile,Every morning when I leave home I see random faces lost in their  own World staring at the walls or sky ,I make an effort and smile at them and them in return gift me  back ,and for  a while they forget what they were thinking. This has become a habit now ,  even if someday I forget to greet they tend to make an effort, which brings a smile of satisfaction to me, at least with a small act I am adding something positive to me and my neighbourhood.

I smile and spread the smile

Let it be for a while.

A little curve sets all straight,
Where all are busy in their trait …

The aunty on the chair 

Or granny lost in the rear …

Whosoever I see ,I smile 

I spread the smile , let it be for a while. 🙂 🙂


Not breaking the chain , in the process of sharing this smile I take it forward by nominating  few of my mates with the same, there are many on the list who brings a broad smile to me with their  reads and words 

I would like to nominate :


Dr. Amit  http://doc2poet.wordpress.com/

Scattered Thoughts



So the rules are as follows:

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3.- Tell us what makes you smile.

4.- Select other blogs you want to give the award to. How many is up to you.

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PS : you all are wonderful writers and inspirations , keep doing what you all are doing and keep moving being a part of us ..:)

Gifting is an Art

Nowadays the trend of gifting has changed , I have come from the past where we used to wish our near and dear ones with greeting cards on every special occasion , even on Diwali and New year ,but today the custom has changed, first  E-cards and than Whatsapp and Facebook followed by twitter and so on… , The tradition of Wishing in person vanished , today wishing with wishes has no sentiments . Forwarding the forwarded messages without any feelings or wishing on Facebook that too on reminders is the new tradition .

I personally, cannot do so. I mean if you just forward, it is  just a formality, Where is the feeling which the wishes or the Card should inherently carry? If a person is wishing you greetings the expressions should come from the heart .

A little effort ,a small gesture ,ACard self-made and expressions of a word of their own ,let it be a line or a few lines written helps to express the happiness, and  joy, to the receiver and satisfaction to the creator.

I agree that life has become very fast ,and in order to keep up with the pace, we tend to compromise a bit here and there, but where are we heading to with such a pace. A line should always be drawn as to where we need to compromise and where not and when it comes to the relationship, there’s nothing wrong in giving time and space because what ultimately matters is the joy, the happiness.

I feel we all should not leave such small customs and traditions of writing letters and sending cards , I have a small  treasure box where i still find the old letters of my friends and dear ones . Whenever I get time I open them and read , it is a joy in reading those childhood memories. A trunk full of an old collection with no new addition 😦 , I am glad I am still following the custom ,and my daughter is taking it forward .

I feel a small effort is always greater than materialism , I might be wrong, I leave it on my friends to give a thought on it . ‘Gifting is an art”, gift your near ones a smile a cheer to feel loved,love with your words ,your art or whatever you are good at …. “Nivedita”

Little Wonder

P.S.: #photo #Cards come from my little wonder “Rakshita ” .

Womanhood !!? 

Woman is a feel, a celebration to life and  of Life , She is beauty , She is proud , She is Mother , She is Shine , She is Honour,  She is the Light in the  dark

तुम शक्तियों का साधन हो,

तुम स्त्रोत हो उद्गम का ,

खुशियों  का संसार भी हो ,

ममता की छांव हो तुम

सौंदर्य और कौमार्य भी

हो करुणा की गगरी से छलकता

ज्ञान और संस्कार का संगम

तम के अभीमान को चीरती

चंद्र की ज्योत्स्ना हो तुम

Tum shakityon ka sadhan ho

Tum hi strot ho Udgam ka

khushiyon ka sansar bhi ho

Mamata ki chanw ho tum

Saundarya aur Kaumarya bhi

ho karuna ki gagri se chalkta

gyan aur sanskar  ka sangam ,

Tam ke abhiman ko cheerti

Chandra ki jyotsna ho tum
she is not an object , niether is she a show piece nor  an accessory, which can be flaunted whenever you feel .

Sometimes I feel bad when we are objected as a beauty piece , placed to be displayed only . What to say even a cola bottle is being shaped into Women figure and I don’t understand what is the benefit of it .. But why blame only the World ? Even we are somewhere to be blamed , we also enjoy the praise, fame and money . Even for peanuts we are ready to shed our honour and clothes .. Let the advertisement be for ” panmasala ” a semi nude women is must as if only she is going to eat . This was not we , we as Indian and especially Hindu Granths always treated Women as Godess and Devis .. And India itself is a motherland . Somewhere in the Run to prove equality few of our so called Liberal society has forgotten the feel of womanhood . Respect for others and self respect vanished in todays World .

“Womanhood ” I dont know what does this mean ? In todays world I hear just the screams ”  respect for woman , respect  Motherhood , all visible  in the theories ..

We celebrate women’s day, Mothers Day , Daughters day .. but , in real  the values degraded to  .. ” O “, “ZERO “, Shunya , Shifar , . Our Mind is stuck somewhere hampering our thought process.

“vicharon ke kale badal hei. jo Chandra uday mein baadhit hei” ..

“विचारों के काले बदल हैं जो चन्द्र उदय में बाधित है “।..

It is time to change the thought process of our Society and every individual , I wish we regain the culture of respecting women and become an Idol for the World, as “Charity begins at home” I am teaching my Son to respect every woman like he does to me, I request all the mothers and parents to teach the same to thier kids and bring the change .




Sometimes !one word , one line or one expression keep lingering in one’s  mind , I am experiencing the same right now . Watched my favourite movie yesterday ,dwelled in the feel so badly , in fact, started thinking like I am the “one ” the only one ,and all he said in her praise was for me and to me :):) .

You would be eager to know what is ringing in my mind ?  And what I am talking about ? I am talking about one stanza , only one dialogue from the movie , the Bengali classic ” Apur Sonsar”. It is a wonderful encouraging movie,though on a sad note . Apur and his heroine are  worth watching hundreds of time.

Noble and generous “Apur ” smokes every night in bed and  in the meanwhile ,her wife the cute cuddly Sharmila Tagore with dark expressive eyes staring at him and all of a sudden he asks her ..

Tumar Chokhur motte Ki ?? …

And her polite naughty reply .. “KAJOL”

तुमार चोखूर मोत्ते की ? … ” काजोल ”

Inspired by her eyes , I tried to sketch the desirable eye with dark kajal line …:) 🙂

#random sketch #photo

चाँद (मून)

Beauty of my moon is the same what i felt almost three years ago, when I see my moon I feel the same even today. The sacred beauty in him with no scars ,even the real moon can’t beat my virtual one. The moon of my dreams shine brighter, day by day year by year… Forever

ऐ चाँद ! तेरी चाँदनी को देखा,

पर ख़ैर मना चकोर ने,

मेरे चाँद को न देखा ..

उसकी आँखों की पुतलियाँ ,

तेरी गोलाई से ज़्यादा गोल है ,

करतब इतनी उन पुतलियों में इतनी,

की तेरी कलाओं में नहीं देखा …

कहानियाँ तेरे दाग़ की सुनी

पर चेहरा क्या देखना ,

मेरे चाँद के चरणों में भी किसिने ,

दाग़ नहीं देखा …

रूप इतना की तेरी ज्योत्सना का,

रंग भी फीका लगने लगे ,

पर घमंड और ग़ुरूर जो तुझमें है,

मेरे चाँद में किसी ने ना देखा ….

है निवेदन ! “निवेदिता ” का

आ देख ! और जान जो नूर मेरे चाँद में है,

वो तूने भी कभी ना देखा … “निवेदिता”