सुररखि(Lady bird beetel )

ओढनी ओढ़े डूब की 

सुररखि (Lady bird beetel )लगी इतराय ,

सूखी रूंख दरख की ,
चादर झीनी होय जाये 
lady bird
रंग प्रेम बदरंग भयो 
रंगरेज़ ढूंढूं कित   पाये 
बद्री बरसे नेह की ,
जब पिया की पाती आये ..   @———” Nivedita “

24 thoughts on “सुररखि(Lady bird beetel )

  1. itni sundar feeling apni poem mein uch lfzo mein byaan krna…… jinti taarif ho km hai apki.

    Mujhe bhi zarurat hai apse seekhte rehne ki….. tips dena ji mujhe bhi.

    You are a fantastic

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    1. Hey this poem means .. I went to pluck grass for pooja and saw the ladybird beetle covering herself with the leaf of that grass ,the green colour was looking so beautiful that she looked like bride waiting for her groom to come and take her . But he did not come and sends her a letter which when she recieves tears rolls down from her eyes ;(

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      1. One side you ask me to try writing poems and on other side asking me to be modest, I seriously need to understand how to write poem.


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