Love ! Love !  

Sometimes I feel Like a maniac , in an asylum , running here and there, rolling in the roller coaster, days are so hectic and above all, monotonous.

Morning bells , and I get up , time for kids to go school than cook for lunch , rushing office , coming back and rush to kitchen . All day same ,Huh!! In the meanwhile I try and take out time to blog . ” I love reading more than writing  thats why I dont write regular ” so , as usual started reading the posts .

I read four posts today, one of them refreshed me to the core , that too at One at night,  forcing me to write this , felt like writing a poem but later thought just express in prose . As three out of four were  poems on love , and the best part all positive . Feeling so happy to see happiness and love around . Sitting beside , filling the gap , knowing the winters , cuddled in arms . All sound so gloomy ,and dreamy . Truth is Dream is my land where I live, live my soul the real me . A virtual World  better than life  , seemed like love is in air , everyone around me is in love . I am flying on the seventh cloud . 🙂 🙂 another seven .. Seven colours , seven sins , seven notes now seventh cloud  , oh it reminded of another seven came to know yesterday , any ways…

Coming back to the blogs and the Poetries.  Oh my! All talking about her , her smiles , hugs , cuddles , all the girls are lucky no doubt and so must be the boys to have them ofcourse,  Flowers of Love  blooming , in the gardens of life 🙂 and air filled with Love .. “Nivedita”

29 thoughts on “Love ! Love !  

      1. 🙂 my pleasure sir , but there is lot to learn from you yet, I am not even near by your knowledge and experience Sir, I am obliged by your appreciation , it motivates me a lot


    1. Oh so so touched thankyou dear fairy .. You are very generous and kind no doubt , wat is your good name friend . I am jyotsna or Nivedita whatever you wanna call . Thank you thankyou for the compliments .


  1. so your thinking is full of love, you sight is full of true emotions….. you have high note of thinking, you are just like true music… sache unche ishq ki kahani gunguna rha hai……. tariif ke kabil apki lekhni apka nazriya.

    Shukriya itni khubsurat post share krne ke liye.

    Thanks sister 🙂

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  2. What a soul thou possesses, market it, put it in a bottle, ship it to all the ports worldwide, let everyone drink at that fountain, let it explode over cities and inspire the sunsets, the moonlight, especially.

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      1. No, it is intended to compliment the bubbliness, the vigor, that is all, but yes based on my past conduct, you are correct to keep your distance and be skeptical. Awesome.

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  3. Loved reading the post about Love, Love Love, it’s Lovely, filled with Love. Being or not being, even thinking of Love gives that immense feeling.


      1. Hahaha my thoughts must have echoed in your mind simultaneously when in my mind 😝😝
        Yeh ji ke liye kisi ne mujhe mana kiya tha 🤔
        Indeed indeed, too powerful it is.

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