सात रंग इंद्रधानुश के (seven colours of rainbow)
सात स्वरों की सरगम है ( seven notes of music)
सात चक्र कुंडलिनी के (seven chakras in the body )
सात पापों का मेला है (Seven Sins)

सात बहने पूरब में (Seven sisters)
सात समंदर पार किए (Seven Oceans)
सात फेरों के बंधन में (seven Wow of marriage)

सात जन्मों का मेला है (seven cycles of


सात अजूबे सृष्टि के (seven wonders)
सात घोड़ों पे सूर्य सवार (seven Horses of Sun)

सप्त ऋषियों का तारा मंडल (Big bear constellation )
सप्त गिरी में सात ही द्वार ( Seven doors at Sapt giri temple)

सात ही दिनों का हफ़्ता है (seven days in a week )

35 thoughts on “सात 

  1. In the Bible the number seven means; Completion, Perfection.
    When upon the Cross, Christ Jesus uttered seven sayings. At Easter time, or thereabouts, many Churches are listening to various sermons based upon those seven Sayings our Lord stated while being Crucified.
    There was a time that I was the seventh child in my family. Two have passed since then.


      1. Hehehe huzoor maine dumb likha tha aapne dump ka example cite kiya, isliye maine dobara darkhwast ki ke dumb bole jaane pe bhi kuch positive statement dijiye 🙂


                  1. Hehehe and couple of hours back I was termed as dumb by someone else, every one has a different perspective to see things. Thanks for the positive one 🙂

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                    1. Reason behind being dumped is , we give them the keys to do so .. Otherwise ग़लतियों का पुतला हूँ में पर इंसान बहुत उमदा हूँ में

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