Far Far away-2

I love you from the core of my heart, 

and my Soul beneath…


my skinny hands touching yours ,

feeling the toughness and secured,

love underneath….


looking into your eyes ,shining like stars.

In the gazing sky.

remembering the first touch of your hands,

your lips locking mine ..

mine closed and  your eye wide and shine …


The first rain and the tears and the cries 

your words consoling mine


sweating even in glares, thinking 

where am I ? Savouring and loving  to the core and the bliss

miss my first kiss ….


your warmth and security ,

feel of missing and self pity ..

I need you here beside me ,

Leaning on me stopping my tears,

I wanna sleep in your arms,with  no fears 


till I rest in peace , my last breath 

Alive my soul awaiting death.. 


lend me the shoulder and take me away

I want to see you first ,

and last one in the day…


I want you to love me and woo

because I love you and miss you 

I know you hate, I disturb you the way

What am I supposed to do ?

when you are far far away …….. “Nivedita”









32 thoughts on “Far Far away-2

  1. “I love you from the core of my heart
    and my should beneath” ||

    This just made my day. How could anything start so beautifully. These lines are a topping to every pop song, every love story……. I just can’t say how carried away I am with these words

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    1. Aww !! Thats so sweet of you and Remember this Aww comes from the core of the awwrat only when she is really touched or find something cute . Birth right of
      Every woman or girl to say it .. 😉 thank you and i think your compliment really made my day too.. Oops its night now .. Lol thanks truly

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          1. Hehehe this wordpress server in envious of me, hasn’t sent me the notification yet of you having followed my blog 😉
            बहुत जलन ख़ोर है

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            1. हाहा, जलनखोर नहीं साहेब ज़रा धीर है। अपने “गौहाटी तो माछीवाड़ा” का रिव्यु बहुत खूब लिखा है , असम में कहावत प्रचलित हैं “लाहे लाहे ”
              मतलब “धीरे धीरे ” वहां किसी को कोई जल्दी नहीं सब आराम से वही WORD PRESS ने किया। 🙂

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              1. तहे दिल से शुक्रिया। हाहाहा मेरा नाम धीरज है मगर धैर्य की कमी हमेशा रहती है।

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  2. Powerful, affecting, moving. We’ve been there, most of us. Thank you for sharing, though difficult, surely. Recognizing feelings and labeling them.

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      1. Thank you for asking, dear. I’m am well, and how are you? I hope you are well. Don’t know if this is applicable, but I have quite a few insightful posts on the “romantic relationship”. They help to put it into perspective. Sorry if this sounds condescending (the offer), but I can provide the links. If you want I can set them down in a email. If I am being absurd, just dismiss me. I’ll be good with that. Please forgive me if I assume, presume too much. Tell me I am silly.

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