Writers Cramp

There are times when we want to write so desperately and with so much passion but don’t really know what and this is when we call it a “Writers Cramp”.
No idea where to start with and when to take a pause and when to pen down , just jumbled up with the bundle of thoughts.
Virtual, Factual thoughts…
Serene yet Passionate , calm at heart, Lousy in mind , all messy yet creative. So much to write yet short of words. Fixed and frozen ink crushing blank papers, mind varying from one end to the other so suttle..
a satire phrase comes to the mind “Writers Cramp”.

19 thoughts on “Writers Cramp

  1. I used to use a phrase called a “writer’s block”. Writers Cramp? Sounds more appropriate when the situation is about our hands not being able to transcend along with our mind to produce thoughts from the trajectory of the mind onto a paper- a cramp sounds better.

    It is also wonderful to see that you have written about writer’s cramp too. I would be surprised if you tell me that you wrote about this when you had one. I would definitely be bummed out to see a writer capitalize even on their greatest problems. Keep writing, mate. Keep creating.

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    1. 🙂 It happens with almost every one of us . And its all on us what we allow and what not . Like I wrote about Writers cramp but it was my subject of writeup that very day , not that I was going through it .. Otherwise how was it possible to write on Writers cramp .. And you said it very beautifully you all them to go if they want or welcome to sit a very good advice and inspiration for the ones going through .. Thanks dear for the kind words plz keep visiting and reading It will be a pleasure to me and my blog 🙂 🙂

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  2. When ever an idea comes to your mind , huddle yourself in a room with pen & paper . Let no one disturb you . Come out of the room with a rough sketch . Then type it yourself & correct a bit of words & tense . Your story is ready to Blog : Keep Blogging . That’s how I wrote my Book . But it took 35 years to get published . Ideas take a long time to come 🙂

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  3. I get it. I’ve been here before. Potential yet can’t fulfill promise. And yes, creative, but not harnessed, IE what comes out will dissatisfy. It will not be that thing which our soul promised, which our ego promised. I hate it, it is dry day with no rain. Our spirits are alive, but the Spirit is not instigating. In my case when I encounter this, I then know that I’m pushing too hard. Have to kick back, relax.
    Sometimes exercise helps, in between the counting, the post materializes, gets fatter and fatter. Of course, reading helps too, sometimes I’ll read the Bible and out pops a post. I don’t recommend getting a idea from other posts (blogger’s) blogged, I’ve tried that in the past and lost followers, because the product left the posts they blogged in the dust. I felt so bad afterwards. Nary a word, but I knew why I had lost my visitors. So it is hard.

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