Far Far away-2

I love you from the core of my heart, 

and my Soul beneath…


my skinny hands touching yours ,

feeling the toughness and secured,

love underneath….


looking into your eyes ,shining like stars.

In the gazing sky.

remembering the first touch of your hands,

your lips locking mine ..

mine closed and  your eye wide and shine …


The first rain and the tears and the cries 

your words consoling mine


sweating even in glares, thinking 

where am I ? Savouring and loving  to the core and the bliss

miss my first kiss ….


your warmth and security ,

feel of missing and self pity ..

I need you here beside me ,

Leaning on me stopping my tears,

I wanna sleep in your arms,with  no fears 


till I rest in peace , my last breath 

Alive my soul awaiting death.. 


lend me the shoulder and take me away

I want to see you first ,

and last one in the day…


I want you to love me and woo

because I love you and miss you 

I know you hate, I disturb you the way

What am I supposed to do ?

when you are far far away …….. “Nivedita”










मेरी आँखों में नहीं मेरे मन में बसी हे वह अच्छी है सावधान है 

वो महान है 

मैं उसके साथ से ही पढ़ सकता हूँ

वो शांत है ज्ञानवान है महान है

वो अपने कृत्यों को सम्भालती है 

वह देवी है भगवान है महान है

कुछ माँगती नहीं में अपने आप देता हूँ

वह धनवान है भाग्यवान है महान है

वह डराती नहीं में डरता हूँ 

प्यार जो इतना करता हूँ

सात सालों से है वह प्रधान है 

वह मेरी प्रियतमा बहुत महान है 

मेरी तो बस वो है

उसका घर मुझसे चलता है 

मैं लुटाता हूँ वो लेती है 

पर वह खुद्दार है उसका ईमान है 

मेरी जान हे वह महान है ।। … “निवेदिता” 🙂 🙂 

Be Happy again

Sometimes It’s you sometimes its them, when we miss them and can’t live without them but we have to ,because they are busy in their World and our world ? They are ..

We do this often for no reasons, no doubt we are busy in our World , we miss our near ones , though we dont want  to , because we want to see them happy and we also know that they are genuinely busy, suddenly we start feeling alone. Alone ! in the World ,surrounded by millions .. 

It happens , happens with many of us , people like me are blessed , we can share in words .others, .. just in thoughts . But I would like to say we should feel happy for them and keep ourselves  busy , busy in something or other doing our jobs. When I say this i want you to follow this,  not because I want you to follow my intstrustions but I want you to follow happiness.

Feel happy in missing and remembering the happy moments shared along. Believe me , it will bring smiles on your face and let you feel happy . So be happy in memories shared and smile for the ones who live for you . 🙂 🙂 

Be Happy 

A happy environment is where Happiness reveals the secrets and results in a positive vibes . We feel happy by seeing smiling faces and want to make the sad faces happy .

Shubhangi is usually sad I never know why ? People have troubles but being sad or keeping an unhappy face is no solution to it . Same is with Mithlesh,  he is also very troubled because the girl he wants to marry is marrying to someone else . It seems like a girl whom he loved for just few years was the only reason to smile, it is foolish others living around you taking care of you is also your responsibility. Atleast smile for them or else just when they are pleading you to . On the other hand kailash and R.K. Are always smiling and spreading the vibes of joy all around . Its not that they have no troubles or problems but they know to work out with happiness . Kailash lost his father few months ago and I came to know a month later and R.K. Last year they both living alone distant from home in a neverland working hard for future. They teach me to keep up my spirits high and fight with the difficulties with a smile on my face . 

It is not just my story a work place and people around you will be same. Newhere a mithlesh can be and everywhere kailash and we are there to learn to live Happy and smiling . Smile to stranger no wonder he will smile you back this gave him an extra minute of happiness . 

Smile like a kid , laugh like nething , giggle , squeal not thinking what others will think , think about your heart and mind . Stop puzzling your mind with soul, just be happy. Happiness is a state of Rising to Divinity , feel of sacrament disbursement. 

“Be Happy “and make others “Happy” is my todays moto . I pledge today I will not be sad and will smile for no reason . I will try to make it a habbit until people around me not fall in love with my smile and make me a reason for their smiles :):):):):)  


Life ज़िन्दगी खुशमिजाज़ है

Sorrows and happiness comes side by side , Nothing stays forever. Happiness is nothing just minds game , we can feel Happy any time whenever we wish. It is a connection of Mind with Heart , as soon as we get a signal from Mind to heart we feel happy nothing just a mere feeling …

We need determination and a clear vision towards life , If we decide to see the troubles and try to find its solutions with a calm mind and courage all seems surmountable,Difficulties disappears , they become obsolete .  We need to see positive in every little situation because Life is not Difficult It is easy , Life is Happy .

We can steal happiness in a smile of a Child , in the colours of Sky, in the shadow of the trees ,reflections in the water , with the humming of the birds, blooming buds , Colours of nature , Sunshine, moonlight , anything to everything , and when we start observing these little creations of the Almighty , we find Happiness Abodes in the inner self. we start feeling and saying   “Life is Happy” ,” Life is Happiness ” …..

ज़िन्दगी हंस के जी हर लम्हा खास है, 

खूबसूरत पलों को चूम ले ,
कर मुट्ठी में बंध और झूमले ,
देख मस्ती का चश्मा लगाकर ,
ज़िन्दगी कितनी खुशमिजाज़  है। .. 

कहीं बारिशों में बरसती सुबह,

सर्द शामों की वह धुंधली पहर,
तपते सूरज की वो गर्म दोपहर,
हर रंग का सतरंगा मिज़ाज़ है ,
देख ज़िन्दगी बड़ी खुशमिजाज़ है । .. 
प्रभु भी उसके नहीं, जो खुद से नाराज़ है ,
खुशियां ज़िन्दगी को एक नायब सौगात है, 
वेदांती  ने कहा ये सरल सी बात है ,
खुशाल ज़िन्दगी का फलसफा नहीं कोई राज़ है, 
रख मुश्किल नहीं! ज़िंदगी खुशमिजाज़ है । .. ” निवेदिता”

Writers Cramp

There are times when we want to write so desperately and with so much passion but don’t really know what and this is when we call it a “Writers Cramp”.
No idea where to start with and when to take a pause and when to pen down , just jumbled up with the bundle of thoughts.
Virtual, Factual thoughts…
Serene yet Passionate , calm at heart, Lousy in mind , all messy yet creative. So much to write yet short of words. Fixed and frozen ink crushing blank papers, mind varying from one end to the other so suttle..
a satire phrase comes to the mind “Writers Cramp”.