Battleship Of Love

In the age of Battles of Love ,

Confronting the Battleship.

Love makes the World go Round,

and keep thy Lover Abound………

To keep Loving the Lady of Hearts ,

With Deeper Love smiling profound .

He admires her smile and her tingling sound,

Her Eyes, her lips…..


Oh My! He Blushes and and always Astound.

Pray to Lord Their Strong Love,

Keep Ringing Like the Bell

Fragrance of Happiness Surround the lovely Castle…. “Nivedita”


48 thoughts on “Battleship Of Love

  1. Beautifully crafted. Theres another poem you started with a bang of a sentence. You haven’t failed here either. “Battle of love” – I loved it. You’ve also written how “HE” admires her eyes , her lips and her sound…. I can’t help but think how lucky you are. You are truly an art in yourself then 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much what a compliment , wow … Speechless i am no words just :):):):):):) 🙂 fictions are good for life and here is one from you ” an art in yourself ” thank a tonne once again . 🙂 🙂 i feel blessed right now 🙂

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          1. Mate, there are two kinds of writers . One that is totally embraces literature, the ones like me. Then we have the ones like you who touch people’s mind with a conversation kind of language. It makes one feel that you are talking to them. You write in simple words about things you see, and thats the beauty of it.
            Literature is needed much only when you have to stick to fiction. Writing in layman’s language is beauty, nevertheless. For the kind of things you write, simple words are a cherry on the cake.


            1. Oh my !! I dont think i need to say after all this except ,Thank you 🙂 quite encouraging and motivating , I shall try to keep up to the expectations which is a real tough job. Thanks once again 🙂

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  2. Since morning was feeling of missing something, few minutes back realised I haven’t read much good things today so first thought struck of visiting your blog and here I am served with such a fabulous poem, so deep and profound.

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                1. Apnar motte shundor jani na .. Apni toh ki darun . Ami toh shobdo paye na .. Kintu bolte hobe ki blessed I am found a friend just like bhaator shonge Daal .. Ai rokom Bhaat Daal 😉

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                    1. And thanks once again keep visiting and sharing your thoughts . I dont know why not able to comment on your Post Periwinkled , I loved the photo and the words as a child i remember calling the flower as Sadabahar found everywhere in Assam .. 🙂 the photograph soothes the eyes 🙂


  3. I love it. It is light like the alighting of a butterfly, yet brings more sweetness to the senses. The title betells a warning. A place not foreign to defense. Nice, also has lovely sensibilities. Conveyed innocently with security and hope. thanks for sharing, and if you can, apprise me of other English language stuff I could read. Thank you Jyot (I’ve recalled this from memory; IE could be a misspelling of your name).

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    1. Thanku so much Sire 🙂 your support always lighten up my eyes with joy and always in a wait of your comment . I know it is two opposite Worlds but it proves that World is so small in India we say “Wasudhev Kutumbakam” It means whole World is our Home so a Good night means a Good morning means a Good night 🙂 but Good is common on both the ends :):)

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        1. How I wish you could read Hindi today I wrote ditto same , Thanking and showing gratitude to my parents for bringing me as Jyotsna in their World by Nivedita”( my writing name ) which means (woman who requests ) Aa it is their Anniversary today and my 10 year olds bday 🙂 you were right about the like minded theory :):)

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          1. It is the will of God, for me not knowing to read it. If I were able to, I might levitate off the ground from so much goodness presented in one sitting (lol). But don’t sweat it, all is good. Likely you will produce better works yet (knowing it must have been good, judging by the special day). Be at peace, know you will. Hey, maybe I will wake up tomorrow speaking Hindi. You are so kind. I’m honored to know you, enjoy this lovely day of celebrations, dear.

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