Love and Laughter

CYMERA_20160202_142105 (1)This one incident fills my heart with #Love and Laughter. Three years ago my friend called me to know when is my Anniversary in February  , I just replied 25th and my husband who was standing near heard the conversation, He said nothing and went away smiling. It was 24th of January 2012 ” next morning he got up early with a smile saying he took an off for the day  and forced me to not cook anything and we are going out for the Lunch it was quite unsual buta as per plan we went out and he kept on surprising me with his acts one after other . I was so happy all day in #Love and Laughter in the evening he took me to a jewellery Shop and asked me to buy a ring for myself, which brought me into suspicion I generously asked him why so much love today Honey ? He too wondered and replied and said if not today than when it is our special day dear 🙂 and by that moment I guessed all what was going on in his mind, and he too realised all with my facial expression . He heard just the 25th and not the February part and because he is not good at remembering the dates he made this blunder . As soon as we sinked into the moment back we were laughing our Heart out and we were so much in #Love and Laughter . This incidence still make us laugh and now he never forgets the real date .

9 thoughts on “Love and Laughter

  1. This is very typical. Partly because we want for everyday to be a remembrance of the good thing, and so, practically in essence we have expended all the celebratory offerings before the “recorded” date shows up. The recorded date kind of becomes a “mocking”, a mere drop of all we actually feel. People (in eneral), celebrate days on record, but the heart, celebrates what it feels everyday off the record. Share this thought and be at peace where love is concerned.
    Sincerely; MAO.


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