Old and New

IMG-20151224-WA0058Nothing is new neither me nor you
Same old hills , same old planes
The slopes of the unending lanes
The moist drizzles drowning my heart
The saddening wind putting souls apart
The dreams turning into nightmares
The love filled heart today who cares
The coffee round the corner cart
Blended into the tea pot as my daily part
The cukoo on the bamboo plants
Forgot to speak and say just can’t
Whistling the tunes of cries and pain
Left wid me is bleeding heart and stains
You are bzee with your nears and dears
Rest of time for your special friends..
I am no where and now heading away ..
Tried lot many times to hold u back
To keep the realtionship alive
But you have excuses for every dive
You are a bee busy in the Hive ..
Nothing changed except you..
And your love and care too ..
Nothing is new neither me nor you
And my love is and will be always for you… “Nivedita”

6 responses to “Old and New”

  1. Wonderfully written, Nivedita! And I must say you have a super memory! Thank you for sharing, it was indeed a pleasure to read 🙂

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    1. Thank you Vidur for your kind words :):)

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  2. Seems I was inspired by this work to write ‘Nazara’. Very well expressed.

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  3. You display a great potential, actually, for poetry, as I witnessed in the previous poem I read (I think I may have somehow read them out of order). Point is that practice will improve, sharpen you skill, so I can’t help but to say, if you like poetry, keep at it. I’ve got, just one piece on my blog, which I personally can’t help but feel that it is explosive (doesn’t mean good), but worth reading. I don’t wish it as a point of reference for you, but I think it might enhance your affection for poetry. I used to do a lot of poetry as a young man, then stopped. I’ve been considering working on a draft I wrote as a kid; “Looking Out Windows”, about my Father. If I do, I will send you the link. But anyway, if you like poetry with practice your wonderful gift will be remarkable. And remember, a lot of gifted people live and die, and are not recognized by the world. Don’t sweat that.


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