so far yet so near

Too much on my mind

lost what I am trying to find

I never,in any Life

would be able to show how I feel

want to say so much to you

we stay so far yet so near

only, if you could hear

wish u understand the worth

and not just read this

if so happen, we reach the bliss

my cries and pain rolling down my tears

your warm hugs and you my teddy bear

you my food my only need

you are the one my heart plead

love me live me but never ever leave me ….. “Nivedita”


7 thoughts on “so far yet so near

  1. I forgot to mention concerning “Love and Laughter”; I enjoyed the post, the fact that you both misunderstood the date of the occasion yet found humor and affection in the process. As to this poem; I really get a kick out of it. Really nice. Very affecting. Thanks.

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