Horns of mysteries


White flower blooming in the yard ,

smelling all over was vanilla and clove

devil in my heart started playing games ,

hoping the happiness on the cards
dreaming the notes of inviolate love
my Mind and my Soul aching above…
horns of Mysteries pierced by morning thistle
blue was the sky and my frowning glory
down the lane cool breeze blowing the whistle
drowning in your thoughts and building the castle
with little pain and in vain my fanatic love story.. “Nivedita”

12 thoughts on “Horns of mysteries

  1. Compliment dene aaya tha, yeh khane ke baare mein padh ke ab wohi visualize kar raha hoon aur pani tapak raha hai munh se.
    Back to the poem, are you a published author Nivedita ji?

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    1. Hehe ! So true bhaat Daal my staple food .. yummy .. Author !! Published Author !!! very heavy words . I am just a mind jumbled with thoughts .. jo kagaz pe utar jata hei .. abhi tak toh jeene ke liye likhti hun .., thora likhti hun thora ukerti hun (I sketch ), thora thora zindagi se chura leti hun .. bas..

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        1. Hahaha.. Flattering … modest hmm … why not you do the marketing for me and increase the numbers .. Lol !! Heere ki kadra johri ko hi hoti he nah .. shayad isliye kam hei .. lol
          plz don’t mind I am just kidding, Jokes apart I write for the pleasure of my eyes . I never ever collected my work . my first writeup was published in The Newspaper The Sentinal when ten later I stopped collecting and publishing … but am really really obliged by your generosity . Thank you very much Sir. 🙂

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          1. Arrey Sir jaise bhari bharkam shabdon ka istemaal na karein please.
            With out your saying, I have started spreading your amazing work. Can’t assure of increase in followers but surely making your creation reach many others.


    1. Thank you Manipurna ji I am glad you liked my post , As my thoughts and my feelings mingle up with my words just like dal with bhaat and I believe whatever we do in our life is to survive and to live we need bread and butter for the survival. As I am an Indian and from North East i am brought up eating Dal bhaat all my life and is my favourite food .. bhaatdaal can give the taste from relationship to Politics .. It is an Universal approach .. 🙂 regards

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        1. BorDi Shubheccha .. BhaatDaal , Begun Bhaja, Aaloo Tarkari ,aam ka aachar and Papad .. Aaah! mouth watering , heaven on Earth .. Bor Di thanku for appreciating the name , I request you to keep reading my write ups and guide me wherever you feel like … Nabo Borshor Shubheccha ..


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